Anyone may stock the fridge.

There will be sharpies and tape available at each fridge for labeling, please label and date all food you add to the fridge! Please also include whether or not the food includes ingredients like: peanuts, nuts, gluten, soy, or meat.

Anyone may take products from the fridge

A goal of our community is to abolish all forms of policing; this includes gatekeeping and limiting access to necessary resources for others. Mutual aid means that we are all in cooperation for the sake of the common good, in solidarity (not charity). The fridge and its contents are for everyone in the community. Take all that you need and leave what you can.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Keep hands clean

One of the best practices for preventing the spread of Covid-19 is to wash/sanitize your hands as frequently as possible. Each fridge will have a hand sanitizing station and it is encouraged that hands are sanitized in between touching items.

Wear a mask at all times

Please cover your face (nose and mouth completely covered) when approaching the fridge and keep your face covered while using the fridge in any capacity. 

Do not touch your face

Please avoid touching your face when interacting with the fridge or anyone in close proximity to the fridge.

Wash all fruits and vegetables

If you have fruits and vegetables to add to the fridge, please wash them prior to dropping them off with fruit and vegetable spray or warm soap and water, for at least 20 seconds! Washing your hands prior to consuming raw fruits and veggies will also help ensure safety.  There will be sanitizer provided at the fridge to also sanitize your hands before consuming food.

Sanitize/clean off packaged food items

While WHO does not state it as a necessity, a quick cleaning of packaged items can help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Washing hands before and after touching packaged items is the best way to ensure safety. After taking a product, use available sanitizing products to ensure your safety.

Keep the fridge sanitized

Sanitizer spray will be available at each fridge for anyone who is able to wipe down the handles after use. Additionally, community members will sanitize the fridge with regularity, inside and out. 

The following guidelines are based upon resources compiled/created by groups across Turtle Island (colonized Indigenous land known as the USA). The first known community fridge was started by In Our Hearts on occupied Lenape territory (Brooklyn, NY). All references will be included below. Modeled by @sdcommunityfridge)

Resources: In Our Hearts – NYC, Town fridge – Oakland, LA Community fridge – Los Angeles

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