For the Community.
By the Community.

A growing community focused on aid and unity, providing food security for our neighbors in City Heights, San Diego.

What We Do

The City Heights Community Fridge is a mutual aid collective that provides accessible food, meals and basic need items through a local pantry and fridge. Everyone involved in the upkeep of the fridge works to maintain clear communication with organizations in the community, encourage unity amongst the group to achieve similar goals, and engage the community in becoming an accessible source for food security. We aim to support the City Heights community by trying to solve food insecurity one neighborhood at a time.

Our Values

Solidarity. Accessibility. Unity.

In solidarity, not charity means, we are looking to support one another in resources that we are all in need of.  It is advocacy and action based efforts to keep the community safe, fed, and housed.


We acknowledge credit where it’s due by supporting others in and of their work. Remembering to practice honesty in the work you do, and the intentions behind your actions.


To take precautionary measures, and action to maintain safe work and distribution areas.


By supporting and encouraging  those from the neighborhood to lead the initiatives taking place remember to check in with those you are working with and communicate with others when you are in need of support.